1.What does Gold Bullion Precious Metal Sdn. Bhd. (‘GB Gold’) has to offer?
We offer an opportunity for individual consumers to buy & sell physical gold at real time price. Customers can purchase or sell gold at our main branch located at 21-3rd Mile Square, 151 Jln Kelang Lama, Batu 31/2, 58100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
2.What is Real Time Price?
Real time Prices are the actual price at the moment in time. GBgold provides instantaneous prices pegged to the international gold price with no delay to facilitate Customers in determining the price of gold at any point of time.
3.Why would you want to choose GBgold?
GBgold offers prices of gold that is pegged to the international gold price and will definitely be better than goldsmith shops.
4.What are the benefits that GBgold has to offer?
  • It is secure, as it is in physical forms.
  • Cheaper as the gold prices quoted will be pegged to real time international gold prices without the usual additional charges.
  • Customers can buy in small amounts at a time.
  • An opportunity for capital gain if the gold price appreciates.
  • Hedge against inflation
  • 5.Does GBgold offer any investment schemes?
    No. GBgold is a purely based gold trading company and does not offer any investment schemes.
    6.How do Customers purchase/sell gold to GBgold?
    When customers are interested in either purchasing or selling gold to GBgold, customers can visit our main branch or contacting us at +603-7981 2899.
    7.Does GBgold buy back the gold sold to customers?
    Yes. We will buy the gold from our customers based on the real time pricing that is provided at http://www.gbgold.com.my.
    8.Is there any commission payable after Customers purchased/sells gold to GBgold?
    GBgold does not charge any commission upon purchase/ selling of gold.
    9.How do Customers make payments to GBgold after confirming the price?
    Customer can make the payment by :
    i.Bank-in cash into GBgold’s bank account maintained with Maybank Berhad and CIMB Berhad
    ii.Walk –in by cash
    iii.Internet Banking Fund transfer (For Maybank and CIMB Bank)
    iv.Telegraphic Transfer
    v.Banker Cheque or Cashier Order or a Personal Cheque into our Maybank and CIMB bank account
    ** The gold will be released once payment has been made with the exception of item (v). It will only be upon cheque clearance.

    10.Where does Customers convey their enquiries?
    Customers can convey their enquiries at info@gbgold.com.my or by contacting our main office at +603-7981 2899.

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